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Maine Coast Fishermen's Association - Cookbook

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The Maine Coast Fishermen's Association celebrates Maine seafood every day, and they want to make it easier for you to enjoy it, too. That's why they created Catch, a real-life, no-frills cookbook all about working with Maine seafood in your home kitchen.

The cookbook is full of recipes that use Maine seafood and common household ingredients, and the photos of the prepared meals depict the recipes just like you might make them at home. 

 Seafood is not delicate or precious and they wanted to make sure that when you opened the cookbook and read the recipes that you would say, "Yeah, I can make that," - a cookbook that's meant to be used, not to sit collecting dust on your bookshelf.

(Psst! This book makes the perfect gift for any foodie, from both here and away! 🐟)