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A Taste of Fork

Sabatier Butcher/Utility Knife

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Do you love to cook? Do you relish the feeling of a well-balanced knife making quick work of your mire poix? Well, have we got something exciting for you! Thanks to a generous donation, we have a limited number of vintage Sabatier knives up for sale! The Sabatier Trademark originates from a family of master cutlers from the 19th century, who popularized the French Chef's knife with the ideal shape, and resided in the area of Thiers in France (also known as the French capital of cutlery). Forged with the meticulous quality of all Sabatier knives, these knives have been in storage for over 35 years, and now they can be a gem in your collection! These are new old stock, meaning they have never been in service and are essentially in mint condition.

We have available 14" Chef's knives for $100, 10" or 12" Slicers for $50/$50 , and 6" Butcher/Utility knives for $30. These knives are sturdy and well-forged. If you'd like to come get a feel for what high quality knives these are, come check them out in person on February 21st & 22nd between 10am and 3pm. Ring the tasting room doorbell and ask for Keenan! 

All knife sales are final.